Bryan C. Johnson-Xenitelis, Esq.

The Law Firm of Bryan C. Johnson-Xenitelis specializes in U.S. Immigration and Nationality Law.

Areas of practice include family-based immigration, employment-based immigration, criminal immigration issues including detention and post-conviction relief, removal defense, asylum and refugee law, naturalization, waivers, crime victim visas, and Special Immigrant Juvenile cases.

Our managing partner, Bryan C. Johnson-Xenitelis has particular experience and expertise in the intersection of criminal and immigration law - he is an adjunct professor  at New York Law School where he teaches the class "Crime & Immigration."  The most important thing to know is that if anyone is not a United States Citizen (even if they have a "green card") there could be dire immigration consequences resulting from any criminal activity, no matter how seemingly insignificant the crime or violation is, how lightly law enforcement treats the activity, and how mild any punishment may be.  Anybody who is now facing criminal charges or has already gone through the criminal justice system needs to speak to an immigration attorney as soon as possible to determine what can be done to avoid jeopardizing that person's right to enter, re-enter, and/or stay in the United States.

We provide length in-depth consultations (phone or in-person) to give any potential client a complete understandings that affect them or their families, a concise proposed plan of action on what can and cannot be done based upon their individualized situation, and quote expected fees and discuss the potential of any setbacks or complications and their likelihood.

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